Sanshodhan - 1996


The story is about the Latest Amendment announced by the govt. for reserving one third seats in every Village Panchayat for females. It shows how the female leaders find difficulties in raising their voices in the world of all men. Its also about how the intermediaries take most of the money sent by the government and very less reaches the actual receiver.

At Parmino the local village committee is all male. But suddenly comes the announcement that an amendment has been passed in Indian constitution asking for the Committee to have woman as a third of them. The village head, Ratan and members decide to let the women in their families contest on the reserved seats in the hope that they would continue to have their writ run. While Ratan Singh asks his son, Inder, to get Manju, his wife, to contest, the other members get their wives to contest. Also asked to contest is Vidya, the newly marred bride of a poor store owner, Bhanwar, who is indebted to the village head. But Vidya turns the tables on them, asking them to account for the funds for the partially built school

Cast & Crew

Govind Nihalani
Vishal Bhardwaj

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