Sarfaroshi - 2014


Indo Aus Entertainment’s <i>Sarfaroshi - A War Against System</i> (A) is the story of honest army and police officers who are combatting the scourge of terrorism.

An army officer (Aroon Bakshi) asks his commando Shiv Pradhan (Dilzan Wadia) to deal with terrorists who are holding innocent hostage nearby. Shiv takes three commandos with him and kills all the terrorists. He learns that they have been operating in nexus with politicians. He informs his brother Om (Ayub Khan), who is a police inspector, that the terrorists and their politician bosses maybe operating in his jurisdiction.

Om and his fellow officer, Karan (Ganesh Loke), take a police team and raid a terrorist den in the jungle. They kill all terrorists except one, whom they lock up in the prison.

Politician Bhanu Pratap (Ehsaan Khan) asks the home minister (Mushtaq Khan) to transfer Om but that can’t be done because of Om’s impeccable track record. Bhanu Pratap then frames Om in a false case of carrying out anti-national activities and gets him arrested. Om is killed in the prison by police inspector Tawade and it is passed off as a suicide.
Shiv and three of his colleagues now take leave from the army and return to avenge the death of Om. How Shiv and his fellow commandos finish off the terrorists and their patrons, Bhanu Prasad and Tawade, forms the rest of the action drama.

Cast & Crew

Bhagirathi Swain
Ganesh Loke
Vaishnav Deva
Mumtaz Nikhat

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