Setters - 2019


The film revolves around paper leaking scams that is quite prevalent in the country. Set in the form of a cat and mouse game, Setters is all about a group of police officers trying to nab the gang that is involved in the scam.

Bhaiyaji is a high profile thug who runs the scam of leaking papers with Apoorva and Kesariya as his trusted aids. But Apoorva has more than one reason to stay close to Bhaiyaji which is not just his job but also Bhaiyaji's daughter Prerna. With the increasing number of paper leak incidents across the state, police officer Aditya is appointed as in charge of investigation along with a team of other cops including Isha, Ansari and Dibakar. With the cat chase now set in motion due to the increasing crime rates, another set of problems arise when Bhaiyaji's team splits!

Bhaiyaji and Apoorva decide to go their separate ways after they have a fallout with Apoorva continuing with his paper leak scams in his own way. Whereas, Kesariya decides to retain his post but is now, the sole trusted aid for Bhaiyaji.

On the other hand, the police are quite close to nabbing Bhaiyaji in this case after they made a few important arrests and some positive progress in the case. Will they be able to succeed or their divide between Bhaiyaji and Apoorva will prove more dangerous for the cops?

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