Shaukeen Kaminay - 2016


Shaukeen Kaminay is a story of three strangers who eventually become friends as they go through the daily grinds of life. Circumstances lead them to share a common apartment in a posh locality in Mumbai.
In due course the three friends discover that they have similar tastes and likings.
'Som' is basically a cool guy who runs his own call center; 'Sunny' is a professional photographer. 'Hardik' is a software engineer working for a multinational firm. Meeting, attracting & seducing beautiful women into the bedroom is their only common obsession because they are casanova.

In their search for females for fun, their destiny leads them to a village where marriages are open ended. The three friends find that this arrangement suits them as they can have fun as long as they like and can just walk away home anytime.

But life has something else in store for them. They are shocked to find that one of their friends 'Som' has taken the marriage seriously and has planned to take his wife 'Sonali' along with him to Mumbai. This is the contradiction of the pledge.

Som loves the girl and doesn't want to leave her. The friends don't want to leave Som. The friends forcibly take Som back to Mumbai. After reaching Mumbai Som is devastated. He starts drinking heavily.

This situation compels the other two friends 'Sunny' and 'Hardik' to realize that love has immense power..... It can make or break a person completely. Destiny favors the brave and Som is successfully united with his wife.

Sunny and Hardik are back on track with their routine life with fun and frolic with females. One fine day Sunny too finds his lady love 'Divya'. He gets attracted to her beauty. Should he marry her? Sunny ultimately goes by the heart and gets married.

After the two friends get married, Hardik is left alone. Now he wants to settle down in his life by marrying a village girl of his mother's choice. Hardik feels he will be the victorious by marrying
a virgin village girl. Hardik gets married to 'Pallavi'. After marriage Hardik brings his wife to Mumbai and in is surprised to find that she is not virgin. In a fit of rage he leaves Pallavi and decides to divorce her.

Was Pallavi really not a virgin? If not why did she hide the truth? Did the three friends marry virgin girls? What was the pact between Sonali and Pallavi on the day of engagement? Was Divya and Sunny's marriage legal? Will Pallavi and Hardik be together again?

Why virginity is a privilege for men and justification for women?

Cast & Crew

Anil Chorasiya
Brajesh Pandey, Pratima Pandey
Brajesh Pandey
Rajib Mouna, Dharam Dewda
Dharam Dewda, Brajesh Pandey, Allahmeher Malik

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