Sheesha - 2005


Sia (Neha Dhupia) is a talented fashion designer who successfully launches her new creations "Shades" through fashion show in Bangkok. Raj(Sonu Sood),is a business tycoon who is associated with a leading television channel.He promotes Sia's creations globally as she gets accolades for it.Sia and Raj's professional friendship blossoms into love. Raj shows his physical love to Sia but gets the shock of life when she confronts deaf and dumb sister of Sia - Ria (Neha Dhupia in double role). He was actually kissing and caressing Ria illutioning that she is Sia. Ria develops passion for Raj which turns into obsession and makes her eccentric. Ria even hires private detective to know whereabouts of Raj.She even murders Diane (Elidith Macqueen) after she saw her kissing and hugging Raj.Raj and Sia try hard to cure Ria and an operation also is also taken place which turns out to be successful but Ria claims that she is still deaf and dumb.Sia gets a business opportunity from America.Sia decides to marry before going to America so that somebody could accompany Ria. After Sia's departure Ria tries to seduce Raj but he does not respond to her call. Ria turns eccentric and even threatens to commit suicide. Some days later Sia returns and there is confrontation between the two sisters.Ria gets killed in an encounter with Raj and Sia.

Cast & Crew

Ashu Trikha
Guddu Dhanoa, Sunil Saini
Sen Brothers
Maya Govind, Nida Fazli, Dev Kholi, Yusuf, Guddu Dhanoa

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