Taarzan - 2004


Raj (Vatsal Sheth) is a bright young man working in a garage owned by Kartar Singh (Amrish Puri in a great role). Priya (Ayesha Takia) is a young vivacious girl from London who is on a visit to India and as expected falls in love with the likeable Raj who is unpretentious and adorable.

In the meantime the mechanical genius that he is, Raj picks up a dead and done car from the junkyard and transforms it into a great mean machine. The car can do anything, anywhere. It can go on both land and water and with its amphibian abilities is something that has only been seen in James Bond movies before.

Twelve years later his son, Vatsal Seth is now in college and though somewhat nerdy, is ready to romance the college cutie, Ayesha Takia. When he sees his father?s old car being sold as scrap he manages to buy it and then burning the midnight oil builds a car never before seen. A short while later, while boy wonder and his lady are getting into passionate clinches at exotic locations, the car begins eliminating the villains. Several comic characters are introduced at this point since the writers obviously felt that the film could not sustain under its own steam, and after an action emotional climax in which it is revealed that the driverless car was actually powered by Ajay?s spirit, the villains are brought to book. The spirit having done its work goes back to the great garage in the sky and that?s that.

Along the way Ayesha, wearing minimal clothes herself, does a makeover on Vatsal who becomes quite the cool dude. They shake their leg to a few hummable Himesh Reshammiya songs and the fact that the main villain is her father is dealt with, with the minimum of fuss, the attention being more on the car and Ajay?s spirit.

Ajay Devgan, in a brief appearance, is undoubtedly good. Vatsal Sheth has screen presence. He dances and emotes well but he needs to work on his body! Ayesha Takia does her glamorous bit efficiently. Rajpal Yadav is a scene-stealer yet again. No wonder he forms an important feature of almost every film today. The rest of the cast is okay.

The music is okay. But the hit number O Sajan is wrongly placed and slows the pace of the film.

On the whole, TAARZAN THE WONDER CAR is a funny one.

Cast & Crew

Abbas Mastan
Gordhan P. Tanwani
Himesh Reshmiya

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