Trimurti - 1995


Satyadevi (Priya Tendulkar), an honest cop and a mother of two kids, is trapped during her pregnancy by Kooka Singh (Mohan Agashe), the main antagonist in this story. As a result, she gets an imprisonment for twenty years for murdering few police officers. Now in jail, she gives birth to her third child - Romy (Shah Rukh Khan). And thus completes her Trimurti. She sends the newly born child to her first two kids - Shakti (Jackie Shroff) and Anand (Anil Kapoor) with the message to bring him up with her teachings. She also tells Bhanu Pratap Singh (Saeed Jaffrey) , her brother to tell her children that she is dead.

The sense of new responsibility makes the kids extra conscious about their newly born brother. They want to bring him up on the principles of their mother. But interpreting the same in their different ways of life. This causes a conflict amongst the two. Hence Anand leaves the house.Shakti becomes a brave army man chased by a village beauty, Jyoti (Gautami). Anand grows up to be a Don with his own style and mannerisms. And Romy, a passionate admirer of Radha Anjali Jathar), a rich girl, whos family do not agree that Romy becomes her husband.

Destiny unites the three brothers with the passage of time. They share some beautiful and emotional moments with each other. But soon the reality is revealed and bitterness spreads around. The conflict of values and principles echoes in the valley.. .. And a high voltage drama takes place among the snowy mountains and burns the surroundings with its ferocious flames of anger and hatred. All of them forget the love they have for each other. At this point of time, Satyadevi is released from jail and this time Kooka Singh assigns Romy, her own son for her assassination. For that job Romi will becomes the husband of Radha.

"TRIMURTI" is a vendetta of a mother and her three sons against the injustice meted out toward them.

Cast & Crew

Mukul Anand
Subhash Ghai
Anand Bakshi

Trimurti Movie - Songs

Sadiyan Saal

Very Good Very Bad

Ae Ri Sakhi

Mata Mata

Bol Bol Bol

Mujhe Pyar Karo

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