Tum Se Achcha Kaun Hain - 2002


The film tells the story of three talented youngsters who are goal inhibited but get distracted by a youngster?s biggest nightmare- love. Arjun Singh ( Nakul Kapur) has tried his best to promote his excellent vocals in hopes that he could be discovered. It happens one day when someone visiting his hometown manages to encourage him to visit the place where he can actually get noticed, Bombay. Taking Naina?s ( Aarti Chabria) advice, Arjun goes to Mumbai and tries endlessly to show his talent. However, no one gives him his due attention or what he needs- his big break. Not until Bobby ( Kim Sharma) comes along can he actually be recognized. A tomboy with everything, Bobby utilizes her rich dad (Dalip Tahil) to help Arjun acquire his dreams. And so he does, until the real nightmare begins.
Who said love is a good thing? Arjun would beg to differ as the triangle develops between the spoiled but interestingly aggressive Bobby and innocent Naina. With a change from the norm in terms of storyline, the two girls fight for Arjun?s heart as the film nears its interesting climax.

Cast & Crew

Deepak Anand
Venus Films

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