Wounded - 2007


The movie is the true-life story of dreaded dacoit Seema Parihar. The drama of the film which stars Seema herself, begins from the time Seema Parihar was in her teens and was kidnapped by the dacoits of Chambal. At first angry and sad, Seema, however, finally gets accustomed to the life of the dacoits. But even before she becomes a dacoit herself, her family is tortured physically and mentally because her kidnappers spread the word that Seema has become a dacoit.

As years pass, Seema gets married to one of the dacoits of her group but soon gets separated from him due to his philandering ways. She gets remarried to another senior dacoit whose child she bears. The love for her unborn child makes Seema leave the world of crime, but her second husband does not mend his ways and he, too, is a womanizer. Ultimately, Seema finds it impossible to escape from the long hands of law and surrenders herself to the police, who backtrack on their promise to set her free.

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