Yaaraa - 2007


Kavita (Shabnam Kapoor) is married to a doctor in Chandigarh but she?s desperate to make her daughter, Priyanka (Sangeeta Tiwari), a film star. One day, she runs away with her daughter to Bombay, deserting her husband. She meets up with an old friend, Khatpatiya (Pankaj Berry), who is a wheeler-dealer in the film industry. He promises Kavita that he would make her daughter a star if she would persuade Priyanka to ?adjust? to the whims and desires of the producers. Khatpatiya lines up producers who sleep with Priyanka and sing her up as heroine. In this manner, Priyanka scales the ladder of stardom.

Priyanka falls in love with her co-star, Vineet (Veer). Meanwhile, Kavita and Khatpatiya have started having an affair. However, when Kavita is afflicted with cancer, Khatpatiya insists that she persuade her daughter to sleep with him. Kavita shoots him dead and, rather conveniently, dies of cancer. Priyanka tells Vineet the truth about what she had to go through to become a star, but he loves her and accepts her for what she is.

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