Zulm Ki Zanjeer - 1989


After completing his assignment with the Indian Army, Raghunath returns home to Goregaon near Sivapuram, along with an abandoned male child, left by a Burkha-clad train passenger. He must then face opposition from his conservative Hindu family, particularly his Poojary father, Baghirath, who have yet to recover from the shock of his sister, Ganga, eloping with an unknown male. He must also deal with his father’s opposition to getting his second sister, Maithili, getting married to a mere cowherd in a region that is being terrorized by an escaped one-eyed convict.

Cast & Crew

S P Muthuraman
P Srinivas Rao

Zulm Ki Zanjeer Movie - Songs

Not To Live

Door Na Kahin Jao Sanam

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