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Gauri (Meghna Naidu) and Akash's (Himanshu Malik) marriage is on the brink of break up. Eva, Gauri's friend suggests them to patch up and sends them to her palatial house in Devbaug to re-establish their relationship. Gauri and Akash reach Devbaug. Sonia, their neighbor in Devbaug meets them and Akash offers her help when her car breaks down. Gauri is all-alone at home and hears weird sounds and gets frightened. As she goes to call up Akash a dead body falls on her. She is very scared. Akash arrives home and she narrates him the whole incident. Akash decides to call up the police but stops as he notices a bag of money amounting to crores of rupees aside the dead body. He convinces Gauri to keep mum about the dead body so that they can keep the money. They then decide to dispose off the d... Read More


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