Albela - 2001


The story is set in Malaga, a beautiful town in Goa. Finally, a movie that will illustrate one of India's truly picturesque locations. Movie's main character Tony (Govinda) is a happy-go-lucky tourist guide, who enjoys his work and everything that comes with it. He goes through each day smiling and being joyful. This is his daily lifestyle until one day an astrologer he meets tells him that he will meet a beautiful girl from abroad, a girl that appears only in dreams, and change him, and his life forever. Sure enough, the astrologer's predictions came true.

Tony, while waiting for potential customers at the airport, runs into Sonia (Aishwarya Rai). She had just arrived from abroad to search for her mother's grave; and who better to show her around town than Tony (Govinda), who becomes her escort. By this time, he has considered her to be his dream girl. Of course every love story has a wheel. In this case, there are two wheels. Enter the first wheel, Nina (Namrata Shirodkar), Govinda's friend since their childhood days. She has loved Tony since she has known him. The second wheel makes its way into the story when Sonia goes to Tony's house and sees a frame on his wall of fame. In this frame is an article about Tony, his work as a tour guide. This article has been his pride and joy. The article was written by Prem (Jackie Shroff). Sonia reads the article and suddenly develops an interest in meeting him. Alas, Tony can do nothing except oblige his dream girl. Throughout their journey Sonia never became aware of the fact that Tony loves her. Tony thinks that she has started to develop an interest because she likes him. He is unaware of the truth. This is when the story takes an unanticipated turn.

Cast & Crew

Deepak Sareen
Kumar and Ramesh Taurani

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