Andaz - 1971


This film tells the story of a widow Sheetal (Hema Malini) who is left devastated after the death of her husband Raj, (Rajesh Khanna). She is left with one child to look after and teaches in a school and one of her students is the daughter of the widower Ravi (Shammi Kapoor). The children become instrumental in getting the single parents to meet and fall in love.

Andaz was one of the last movies for which the great music directors duo, Shankar- Jaikishan composed music together. Jaikishan died of cirrhosis of the liver on 12 September 1971 at the young age of 42. One of the most popular songs from this film - "Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana" (Life is a beautiful journey) turned out to be the last song that Jaikishan recorded before his death.

Andaz also proved to be the last hit for Shammi Kapoor as a lead hero. The success of this movie is credited to the Rajesh Khanna Mania of the 70?s, as Rajesh Khanna only appeared for few minutes in the movie, and still created a stir. However, Shammi Kapoor?s performance was well received and it is considered to have been one of the most uncharacteristic roles he undertook during his acting career.

Cast & Crew

Ramesh Sippy
G. P. Sippy
Salim-Javed, Sachin Bhowmick
Hasrat Jaipuri

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