Avgat - 2001


A young boy who equates law with dharma, Ramya is driven to the cul-de-sac of crime due to poverty. Introduced to the murky world through the relatively harmless selling tickets in black outside cinema halls, he learns the first lessons of his trade in the shadow of his mentor, Narayan the criminal-turned-politician. And then he discovers that no matter how tall and lofty the person might be, the law towers above them all.

Caught after a hot pursuit for the crime of refusing a ticket to the son of a cop, he is stripped, paraded, humiliated on the streets he used to regard as his fiefdom. Reduced to being a king without a crown, a man without his dignity, Ramya gets the patronage of local politicians. All along, his bond with Narayan stays firm. The latter, now firmly in the saddle as Home Minister, is not the one to forget his right-hand.

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