Bezubaan Ishq - 2015


BEZUBAAN ISHQ, a beautiful love triangle & a musical, is spiced with breathtaking cinematography and beautiful lyrical song. It s the story of Suhani, Swaagat and Rumzum creating a contemporary love triangle with traditional values.

Suhani, a modern Mumbai girl, suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) that leads to unreasonable and uncontrollable rage. In love with Swaagat, son of her father s business partner, she calms down when with him. Looking at Suhani and Swaagat s proximity and care for each other, their parents announce their engagement. Suhani is ecstatic while Swaagat accepts this only to fulfill his parent s wish.

For the engagement her father Rashmikant s elder brother Mansukh arrives with his English wife and very traditional desi daughter Rumzum. Post engagement, Swaagat, Suhani, Rumzum along with their friends go for a fun trip to Rajasthan. During the trip love blossoms between Swaagat and Rumzum. Although, they both are well aware that it is wrong to fall in love because Swaagat is already engaged to Suhani, their proximity rises with each passing day. And during one fateful day, Suhani witnesses this. Enraged, she attempts suicide. Swaagat and Rumzum decide to maintain their distance

Will Swaagat marry Suhani and live happily there after? Will Rumzum find her true love in Swaagat? Jashwant Gangani s BEZUBAAN ISHQ unravels the beautiful story of unspoken love and true sacrifice with realistic characters.

Cast & Crew

Jashwant Gangani
Jashwant Gangani, C.J.Gadara, Dinesh Likhiya
Jashwant Gangani
Babli Haq, Rupesh Verma
Jashwant Gangani, Prashant Ingole

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