Chhupa Rustam - 2001


Raja is a happy-go-lucky young man who bullies extravagant people to raise cash to provide everything for his beloved Nisha. But unfortunately, most of his life is spent in or out of prison. Nisha loves Raja but she doesn't like his reckless lifestyle. Raja meets Bheem Thapa who has been watching Raja like a shadow. Thapa tells Raja that he can help him to fulfill all his dreams for Nisha if only Raja agrees to listen him. Raja agrees and Thapa shows a photograph to Raja. Raja is stunned to see the photograph of his own look-alike. Thapa reveals that the photograph belongs to a multi-millionaire, Nirmal, who has inherited a huge tea estate in Palanpur. Raja agrees to impersonate Nirmal and strikes a deal with Thapa.

Nirmal, on the other hand, is on the look out for the real murderer of his father and in the process his love for Sandhya languishes. Nirmal becomes the target of his wily Manager in league with the seductive stepmother of Raja and dies in a manipulated car accident. Now Thapa takes advantage of the situation and makes Raja impersonate as Nirmal - to make people believe that Nirmal is not dead, but very much alive.

Do all the people who had seen Nirmal being cremated believe Raja's claim that Nirmal is still alive? Does the strong arm of the law manage to solve the mystery behind this who's who drama?

To get to the bottom of the mystery, you have to see 'Chhupa Rustam' on the screen replete with songs, dances, thrills and frills..

Cast & Crew

Aziz Sajawal
Madan Mohla
Anand Milind

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