Chicken Curry Law - 2019


Chicken Curry Law is the story of rape of a foreigner in India and the court drama that follows. The film stars with Maya Johnson (Natalia Janoszek), who is a foreigner who works as a belly dancer in India. One day, after a performance in a hotel, she is sitting in the bar where Makrand Joshi (Ganesh Pai), son of an influential politician, Sharad Joshi (Zakir Husain), spikes her drink and takes her in his car. Accompanying him is his cousin, Nana Patil (Anirudh Sharma). The two men rape her in their bungalow and keep her captive for two days. They inject her with drugs with the aim of killing her. But she manages to escape. She is found by the police in a condition that makes it clear that she has been brutally raped. Social activist Satya Deshmukh (Nivedita Bhattacharya) takes up her case and convinces lawyer Sitapati Shukla (Ashutosh Rana) to fight her case in court. Shukla had given up his law practice after being convinced that the legal system in India was not for honest people like him.

While Sharad Joshi appoints Muthu Swamy (Makarand Deshpande) to argue the case of his son and nephew, Maya is represented in court by Sitapati Shukla. The police are on the side of the rapists as Sharad Joshi is very influential. They try to prove that Maya is a girl of easy virtues and hence it was not a case of rape. Along the way, the rapists eliminate Satya Deshmukh. The aim had been to kill Sitapati Shukla but the bullet hits Satya who dies.

Shukla gets lucky when he gets evidence of Makrand Joshi raping the wife of his own employee. He manages to record the evidence on his cell phone and also convinces the employee to give his witness in court. He also manages to convince the waiter in the bar, who had seen Maya's drink being spiked by Makrand Joshi, to change his false evidence in court. But both the prospective witnesses are found dead before the date of the hearing. Sitapati Shukla is at his wits' end. Maya is dejected and loses hope of getting justice. But Shukla makes a promise to her that he would get her justice.

Does Sitapati Shukla win the court case? Or do Sharad Joshi, his lawyer and the police manage to fool the court? Is Shukla able to keep his promise to Maya about getting the rapists jailed?

Cast & Crew

Shekhar Sirrinn
Shankar K.N, Amit Kumar
Shekhar Sirrinn
Shekhar Sirrinn, Shabbir Ahmed, Rajesh Manthan

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