Daman - 2001


This is a story of a woman, Durga (Raveena Tandon), who is continuously, and intolerably exposed to physical and mental torture by her husband Sanjay Saikia (Sayedi Shinde). The only support he has in her life is Sanjay?s brother, Sunil Saikia (Sanjay Suri). He owns a tea plantation in Assam. Her misfortune continues until one night Sanjay comes home drunk and rapes Durga. After that horrible experience her spirit is shattered. She gives birth to a child (Deepa) and Sanjay refuses to accept the child as his, declaring that he will only accept a son. Even after this, Sanjay continues to beat and disgrace her. The only thing keeping her alive is Sunil?s support and for the sake of her child. Over the years, Deepa also bears some pain from her father. Another misfortune incident happens when Sanjay, once again comes home in a drunken state and accuses Durga of having a physical relationship with Sunil, and then does something that the audience will not expect, even from such a character such as Sanjay?s. The years pass until Sanjay suddenly decides to marry of their daughter to a not so worthy guy, even though she has a love interest in someone else; a singer named Shaan. Durga can?t bear to see her child threatened anymore so they run away together. Trouble, again in the form of Sanjay, soons finds them again when Deepa is bequeathed all the property. He tries to kill Deepa and Durga, finally can?t take anymore and true to her name, emerges a hero.

Cast & Crew

Kalpana Lajmi
Kalpana Lajmi
Bhupen Hazarika
Maya Govind

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