Dhama Chaukdi - 2012


Dhama Chaukdi is a story of four underworld dons Mani Aiyer from Madras (Mukesh Tiwari), Pappu Yadav from Bihar (Akshay Yadav), Lallan Pyare from UP (Deepak Chauhan) and Sanjay Apte from Aamchi Mumbai (Yadhuveer Yadav) who are staunch enemies with their businesses in Mumbai. They would willingly give one eye if it means blinding the two eyes of the other.

The arrival of a new police commissioner changes everything. And soon the four find themselves facing a common enemy. Uniting to try out some other business, they fall into the grip of one-man-show director (Sanjay Mishra) who assures them that he will make them superstars. And herein begins their film Dhama Chaukdi.

In the middle of the film, the four have to shift locales to a village to keep away from the cops, only to be troubled by a smalltime goon whom they can deal with anytime, but at the risk of blowing their cover.

The dons become tolerant and Bollywood sensitive with time... Only the last day of shoot, the commissioner makes his appearance. Will these funny foursome become superstars? Or will they be behind bars as the audiences laugh... This forms the crux of the story.

Cast & Crew

Arhan Akhtar
Virendra Jain
Bholu Khan
Sahil Rayyan

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