Hum Baja Bajaa Denge - 2015


Hum Baja Bajaa Denge is the story of a young lad who aspires to make it big in the world of music and is ready to pay any price to fulfill his dreams.
Hailing from a wealthy family, Neil owns a band with three of his friends and is popular among college. In order to enter the world of mainstream music, he faces many obstacles including his brother Jai, who constantly persuades Neil to join the family business. While Neil gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at a competition, he loses it since he not only arrives late but also gets into brawl with the judge and veteran singer Anup Jalota. While he faces media bashing for his bratty behavior, Jai gives a chance to Neil to prove himself by challenging him to get his name on the front page headlines.
Neil not only accepts the challenge but is ready to go to any lengths for it, even if it means kidnapping the daughter of a Chief Minister.

Cast & Crew

Chandra Barot
Anup Jalota
Deepa Barot
Nikhil Kamath
Vimal Kashyap

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