Hum Kisise Kum Naheen - 1977


The story begins with a wealthy man selling his entire estate in Africa, converting it to diamonds. He carries them in a belt and takes a flight to India. On the way, he suffers a fatal heart attack in the washroom, whilst in the throes of which, he requests a co-passenger to deliver the belt with diamonds to his son, Rajesh (Rishi Kapoor), who works in Ashoka Hotel, Delhi, as a singer-dancer-entertainer. The co-passenger happens to be a rich businessman named Kishorilal (Kamal Kapoor).

Almost immediately, Kishorilal is chased by goons who are after the diamonds. He escapes them temporarily and flies to Delhi, but finds them waiting for him as he exits the airport. Running from them, he enters a cycle shed (a parking place for bicycles), stashes the belt in the toolbox of a bicycle, and hides out of sight. The bicycle belongs to Sanjay Kumar (Tariq Khan), who is unaware that his bicycle has 25 crore rupees worth of diamonds hidden in its toolbox, and rides away with the bike before Kishorilal can see who he is. Saudagar Singh (Amjad Khan) is actually the one on whose behalf those goons were after the diamonds. His plans having been thwarted as described above, Saudagar Singh and his partner Baljit Kumar Dana set a trap for Rajesh telling a false story to him about Kishorilal having kidnapped Saudagar Singh's son, Ramesh. Taken in by their story, Rajesh hatches a plot to spirit away Kishorilal's daughter, Kajal (Kajal Kiran), by pretending to be in love with her, and, once he has her in her clutches, to thereby extorting the diamonds back from Kishorilal.

The whole plot is speedy after that, with Rajesh pretending as Manjeet Kumar Dana is to fall in love with Kajal (Kajal Kiran), who is in love with her childhood love, Sanjay. There is a series of meetings between the two. A few years ago when motherless Kajal's father Kishorilal was in a deep financial crisis, Sanjay's father gave shelter to him, who has now become extremely rich. The promise of getting Sanjay and Kajol married is forgotten when Kishorilal insults them and forgets the promise that was made years previously. To unfold the plot, Sanjay becomes Manjeet's manager. Saudagar uses Manjeet to get the diamonds himself in the climax.

Cast & Crew

Nasir Hussain
Nasir Hussain
Sachin Bhowmick
R.D. Burman

Hum Kisise Kum Naheen Movie - Songs

Chand Mera Dil ... Chandni Ho Tum

Kya Hua Tera Wada

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