Jail Yatra - 1981


Raju an expert auto-mechanic, affectionate and obedient to his poor mother Radha has got a peculiar trait of going to anyones rescue voluntarily or otherwise without considering the legal consequences and unwittingly lands in lockup every time. Which is to em brassing not only to Radha but to her so-called brother Inspector Dalvi. This practice of his goes on so far that Raju, in order not to em brass his mother and "uncle" (Inspector Dalvi) anymore, decides to migrate to Bombay. In Bombay, Raju saves a rich and respectable old man, Mr. Verma, from committing suicide. Mr. Verma reveals to him thereafter that he was thus motivated, by his grown up vicious son. Mr. Verma does not intend to return home because of Kuldeep's constant misbehavior towards him. Raju, the good samariatan, gives him shelter and also secures a job at the auto-repair workshop. Kuldeep is ambitious to marry Shano, a prominent psychiartist and a rich girl. Meanwhile Raju falls in love with Shano at first sight. ...

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