Jeetenge Hum - 2001


India is the proud possessor of four sophisticated nuclear missiles and a colonel Bhawani Singh (Gulshan Grover) who has served the Indian Army for 15 long years is entrusted with a special task of protecting them.He commits to steal them for Pakistani militants for a whooping sum. Hand-in-glove with Bhawani Singh's activities is his younger brother Vikram Singh (Nirmal Pandey) who is a business tycoon and in the good books of the government.

Bhawani Singh who is looking out for an opportunity to get the missiles out of the military camp and the country, one day manages to sneak them out of the camp. With the help of Vikram Singh, he hides the missiles at a remote location near the India-Pakistan border all set to cross it at the first chance. Meanwhile, the Army headquarters find something fishy about Bhawani Singh's behaviour and are about to nab him when he escapes fleeing the country. The troops are baffled at his sudden disappearance and intensify their search for the missiles. But in vain. At this time Bhawani Singh plays a trick. He spreads the news that he's dead. A few months pass with the Army making desperate efforts to trace the missiles, when Bhawani Singh returns to India in disguise. In order to smoothly cross the border with the missiles, he plans to first distract the Police and the Army and rock the government. Thus he spreads terror with serial bomb blasts, creating havoc taking away lives of innocent people. Meanwhile, a truck full of RDX bombs is stolen from an Army regiment.

Karan (Arbaaz Khan) and Jai (Arshad Warsi) are brave and lethal commandents who are given the duty to track it down. They suspect Vikram Singh is behind it, but fail to arrest him due to lack of proof. But their perseverence leads them to the big secret - they not only get proof about the truck's robbery but also get a clue about Vikram Singh's inolvement with the stolen missiles case. Karan and Jai catch and arrest Vikram Singh.

From here, they take on the mission to save the country from nuclear devastation while on a wild-goose chase to recover the deadly missiles stolen by the traitors. They perform the most unbelievable tasks in their own unpredictable ways - sometimes intelligent, sometimes funny.

Cast & Crew

Sunil Bohra
Surender Bohra

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