Mausam Ikrar Ke Do Pal Pyar Ke - 2018


This is a love story between Amar (Mukesh J Bharti) and Anjali (Madalsa Sharma). Amar Arrives at Moradabad from Paris to pursue his education, while on his way to college he runs into an accident and fractures his hand.

When Anjali comes to know that he is, new in the city and knows no one, she offers him help taking him to her home and introduces him to her Mom and Dad. After conversing they come to know that Amar has taken admission in the same college as that of Anjali. They start going to college together and slowly becomes friends, as time goes by Anjali falls in love with Amar but Amar has no such feelings.

Raj's friend Dhirendra an ACP tries to convince him for Anjali's wedding with his son. Amar goes back to his house after his hand is healed, Anajali starts missing him and feels an emptiness, and she proposes to him. Amar rejects Anjali's proposal breaking her heart. When her dad Raj comes to know that Anjali loves Amar he feels happy as he liked Amar ever since he met him. Later on Raj meets Amar and convinces him to get married to Anjali. He accepts the proposal and tells his mom to fly to Moradabad from Paris for the wedding.

On the day of engagement Raj learns that Amar is the son of an enemy back in college, he immediately calls off the engagement and fixes Anjali's marriage with the Dhirendra's son. On the say of Anjali's mom Madhu, Amar runs away with Anjali. Police catches Amar and Anjali and put him behind the bars. Anjali is pressurized to get married to Dhirendra's son. Anjali tells them that she will get married if they release Amar from jail. Police drops Amar home and threatens him and his mom to leave the city at the earliest. Anjali gets ready for the marriage while Amar and his mom head towards the airport. Amar gets off the car and starts running in order to meet Anjali in the meanwhile Madhu tries to make Raj understand that he is doing wrong with his daughter. Raj comes to realize his mistake and unite Anjali and Amar.

Cast & Crew

Partho Ghosh
Manju Bharti
Bappi Lahiri
Deepak Sneh

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