Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachaao - 2001


This is the story of Kamini Mathur and her unfaithful husband Anand Mathur (who after seven years of marriage is wanting a change from his fat and obese wife).

Kamini has been left behind a vast business empire including a chain of hotels. Anand, who has his eyes more on Kamini's property and her vast wealth than on Kamini herself is mightly disappointed and angry at his father-in-law for having gifted all the business assets to Anand's wife Kamini and only his good wishes and blessing for Anand, which Anand considers of no practical use.

Anand who by nature is a flirt and is habitual of leading a very spend thrift life. To make matters worse Kamini's behaviour and her huge size makes Anand all the more disliking towards her. He has for his company in the huge house a servant called Natvar who acts as his Man Friday. During all these activities of Anand Mathur, he chances upon Vijay and Anu who are small time thieves, and have ambitions of making it big in the smallest possible time and thus plan to blackmail Anand Mathur. Anand who has started despising his wife starts seeing Anu in Kamini's face. He has fallen head over heals for Anu and even starts purchasing expensive jewellery for her with the help of Kamini's accountant Wakaria.

Meanwhile, to add another twist to the story there is another character called Rocky who likes Sonia, who inturn is daughter of Malkani. Malkani is the possessive father who hires Rocky to guard his daughter and check her activities, not knowing that it is Rocky who is the actual lover of Sonia. Rocky had earlier given Anand Mathur all his savings from performing in the club through Wakaria. Anand is now unable to pay back Rocky since his hands have been clipped off from the riches of his family. Rocky who needs money to buy a house for Sonia and himself since they are married. In the meanwhile Vijay and Anu to gain Anand's confidence urge him to kill Kamini and thereby attain her immense wealth, whereas Rocky who has by now lost everything is settled down in Ghotala's farmhouse. Ghotala happens to be the owner of the detective agency where Rocky is now working. Rocky sees the idea of kidnapping Anand's obese wife Kamini as the only solution to get his money back. Anand who has tried all the tricks in the trade to kill his wife is mightily pleased when he learns that his wife is actually kidnapped and gone, he calls for celebration.

From hear begins a very interesting twist to the whole story when the tables turn on everybody.

Cast & Crew

Harry Baweja
Prakash Mehra
Rajesh Roshan
Majrooh Sultanpuri

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