Officer - 2001


As the title suggests the movie is about an officer or more precisely a Special Police Officer (SPO), played by action-man Sunil Shetty, in an action packed thriller. There is a mystery twist in the movie, which is sustained for an amazingly long duration, and sustained genuinely! (Now - now we won?t spoil your fun, by letting the cat out of the bag!)

For a change the officer and his department really look as if they were a formidable force, if only they were so in real life and not reel life! The officer is laden with purpose, his commandos are fighting fit tough nuts, and the Police chief looks like a crazy guy from WW-II !!

Sunil Shetty plays the best officer in town (obviously) and takes it upon himself to guard the depressed wife of an industrialist, played by Raveena. (This may seem to be a bit like Bodyguard, but it certainly isn?t, the plot is as original as desi-ghee!) She?s looking smashing as usual and does wonders to the bits, which seem to get dull, but enter Raveena and the excitement is kept alive. And as all mysteries go, even this one gets one?s mind into a tizzy and sends it chasing around looking for answers.

The plot is amazingly well structured, and is tightly packed with action and drama. And is as resonating as a taut guitar string! The film keeps the viewer glued to the seat with very few ups and downs just a constant sense of curiosity, which is egged on by sequences designed to send ones mind on a crazy roller coaster ride. Though the climb up the peak is thrilling, setting ones mind up for a climax, the anti-climatic end is a bit of a let down, but then perhaps that is precisely the beauty of the movie! In this drought of good desi movies, the Officer packs quite a punch!

Cast & Crew

Naeem Sha
Rajiv Rai

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