Shareef Badmaash - 1973


The Government of India has devised plans for a new kind of super aircraft. A gangster, Diwan, manages to procure this plan from corrupt military officials, and hides it in his safe along with other valuables. The police find out that the plans have been stolen by a "Diwan", and start a manhunt for all Diwans in Bombay. When they come across the Diwan, they ask him to show them his valuables, which he agrees to do so. To his shock, he finds that he has been burgled. The police conclude that the thief is none other than Diwan?s trusted man, Ajit. They have him arrested, but he refuses to divulge any information. Diwan recruits a man called Rocky to spring Ajit from prison, as well as find out where he has stashed the valuables. Rocky, who keeps on denying that he is indeed Rocky, agrees to do so for a large sum of money as his fee, to which Diwan agrees. Rocky?s plan is to seduce cabaret dancer

Cast & Crew

Raj Khosla
Dev Anand
R D Burman
Anand Bakshi

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