Solvaa Saawan - 1979


This film involves a young, beautiful 16-year-old girl, Mehna, filled with ambitions of becoming a teacher. She is an attractive, intelligent woman living in the small society and experiences ripe love when sees the new vet who has come to visit. Many are impressed by this charming young fellow who has entered the village. He seems to be a wealthy, prosperous man and soon develops a relationship with Mehna. Mehna, who is deep in love, sacrifices her opportunity to study in the teaching college course to spend time with him. Little does she know, that he has not yet revealed his true colours when he leaves her and retires from the village when she refuses to commit to him. Sri Devi's distant cousin played by Amol Palekar is mentally retarded, and because he is lame, he is taken advantage of and isolated by the society. He is secretly in love with Mehna, and when he sees her in love with the vet, he is jealous and upset. After being shunned by the vet, Mehna has a new perspective on life and begins to accept Amol Palekar's character, encouraging him to defend himself against those who constantly mock him. But when an evil, rowdy, villager, played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda, attempts to rape Mehna, Palekar's character kills him by throwing a brick at his head. Palekar's character is arrested for murder, and the film concludes with Sridevi waiting at a train station for his return. Her life is impacted by all three men in different way.

Cast & Crew

P. Bharathiraja

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