Tere Mere Sapne - 1971


Dr. Anand Kumar attains his degree in medicine and re-locates to a small coal mining village to assist the local doctors there. Upon arrival, he is met by the ailing Dr. Prasad and his wife, and hired on a salary of Rs.250/- per month. He meets with the other doctors, namely Dr. Kothari, an alcoholic, and Dr. Bhutani, a dentist. Anand finds that he is saddled with all of Kothari?s work as well his own because Kothari is drunk every night. He nevertheless carries on, aided by the local school-teacher, Nisha Patel, who he eventually marries. One day a proud father, Phoolchand, gives a baksheesh to Anand for the safe delivery of his first-born. This does not wager well with Mrs. Prasad, so she fires Anand. Meanwhile Anand?s wife meets with an accident resulting in an abortion and Anand cannot do anything against the wealthy person whose car hits Nisha. This accident transforms Anand from a normal, good natured doctor into a doctor who is after money. Anand and Nisha re-locate to Bombay, where Anand later establishes himself as a leading doctor, is honored for his thesis, and becomes the personal doctor of a leading Bollywood actress, Maltimala. When Dr. Kothari and Dr. Bhutani go to visit them, they find that while Nisha is still the same good-natured woman, who is now expecting a child, Dr. Anand is a changed individual. The doctor does not keep relations with friends, lives a personal life, remains cold towards his wife, and is sadly unaware that she is even pregnant. Dr. Kothari starts a hospital in the village with the assitance of late Dr. Prasad?s wife. Nisha leaves Dr. Anand to go back to the village. The death of Phoolchand?s child at the hand of a dubious surgeon causes Dr. Anand to regret his new life. He goes back to the village. Nisha?s pregnancy gets into complications. Ultimately, Nisha and her child are saved by Dr Kothari?s surgery. In the end, Dr. Anand is back in the village with Nisha and their child.

Cast & Crew

Vijay Anand
Dev Anand
Kaushal Bharti
S D Burman

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