Trishna - 1978


Dr. Sunil Gupta (Sanjeev Kumar) lives a wealthy lifestyle with his wife, Aarti (Raakhee). After several years of marriage the couple still struggle to bring a child to the world. Aarti decides to take a break and visits their Khandala bungalow, which is near her sister Vidya's (Bindu) house, where she lives with her husband (Sujit Kumar) and their son Raju. Aarti's bungalow is being decorated by Vinod (Shashi Kapoor), who was hired by Vidya and whom she remembers as a fellow from college, both spend considerable time together. Knowing that Aarti is basically alone, Vinod tries to pursue her. After an intense scuffle, Aarti accidentally kills him. Vidya assists Aarti in disposing of his body.

However, a few days later, Sunil comes to Khandala and brings home a man who claims that he has lost his memory. The man is none other than Vinod - and Sunil's diagnosis indicates a gradual recovery for Vinod at the end of which he will regain his memory. The story deepens as Vidya and Aarti try to prevent this from happening.

Cast & Crew

Anil Ganguly
G P Sippy
Sachin Bhowmick, M.G. Hashmat, Amarjeet
Kalyanji Anandji

Trishna Movie - Songs

Din Ba Din Wo Mere Dil Se

Bole Bole Jeevan Ki Sargam

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