Wedding Pullav - 2015


Weddings of two best friends turn into a nightmare when love starts creating confusion between them. Adi is all set to marry his ladylove Rhea and during his grand engagement, his eyes are in search of his best friend Anushka. Anushka who arrives in a full band baaja style from abroad is happy for Adi and even announces her relationship with a painter J. The elders are thrilled with the news and decide to get the best friends married off on the same day with their respective partners. Amidst dance, music and wedding preparations, a new love story blossoms between two who were once just friends - Adi and Anushka. While everyone turns blind eye to this friendship-love confusion, will Adi muster courage to propose to Anushka, will the two of them get married is what forms the rest of the film.

Cast & Crew

Binod Pradhan
Shashi Ranjan
Rahul Patel, Shashi Ranjan, Pooja Verma
Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant
Irfan Siddiquii

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