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Kittu (Aftab), a final year student from Pune, is a very happy go lucky guy. He has a cute sister, a doting mother, a caring father and ... just on problem: He is in love with film star Malika (Urmila). His obsession for her doesn?t stop with just having her pin-up posters stuck across his walls or to go to watch her films first day first show. It reaches a point where he treats her poster like a personen and starts conversing with it. Inevitably this affects his studies and he flunks his exams. His father becomes wild with rage and in a fit of tempter he tears up the posters in Kittu?s room. For Kittu this amounts to murder as it is not just a poster, it?s Malika. Completely heartbroken he leaves home, gets into a train and lands up in Mumbai. Unable to know what to do, he goes to her b... Read More

Rajma Chawal



PK Lele A Salesman

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Mast 1999 - Full Movie

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