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The Holy land of the Punjab is where the story of 'Sarhad Paar' is based. On the arid border of this terrorism-ridden state, army man Ranjit Singh (Sanjay Dutt) walks home after a long time lag. Declared missing in action by the state after he accidentally crossed the border, Ranjit Singh has gone through grave trauma and torment at the hands of terrorists. This has broken him completely, leaving him as nothing but a body with no progressive mind. Amongst the faces to greet Ranjit on his return, is that of his wife Pammi (Tabu) and of his sister Simran (Mahima Choudhary). They are happy that their loved one is back but are shocked to see his condition. In the Army Hospital, Ranjit is trying to recuperate from the horrifying experiences he has gone through. Meanwhile, Pammi and Simran tr... Read More


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